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Partnering with the Lab

The Innovation Lab is exploring opportunities, developing resources, and connecting networks with an ethos of activation and demonstration, even if without consensus. Innovation Lab efforts will occur with and through the best positioned, most strategic organizations that are qualified, available and aligned.

Ways to Partner

Content Contributor

Your organization owns the rights to Bible translation resources and would like to contribute to the open resources available for the global Church to participate in Bible translation. Have a look at our list of key resources needed under an open license here.

Experimentation / Implementation Host

Your organization has relationship and connection to global Church participants serving church planting, disciple making and church growth movements around the world and you wish to see these relationships and connections engaged in emergent methods of Scripture translation in the languages most relevant to your ministry.

Technology Provider

You are a technology developer in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Translation Service, Crowd Sourcing, Software Development and/or Software Product delivery and you wish to see your technology applied in exploration of solutions in Bible translation.

Thought Partner

Your organization has experience, credibility and interest in Scripture translation, and you wish to offer these things in support of the Lab’s priorities; most commonly applied to a specific priority, project, or experiment.

Prayer Partner

You may or may not be a technology provider, experimentation host or thought partner, and your organization has dedicated prayer capacity it wishes to connect to the Lab’s efforts.


You may or may not be a technology provider, experimentation host, thought partner or prayer partner, and your organization wishes to participate in the cost-recovery of the Lab’s operations, experimentation and proliferation of outcomes.

Partnership Parameters


​Defined as having the necessary & proven expertise to contribute to the work in the areas needed.


​Defined as having sufficient capacity and resources to execute the work at the pace for which the Lab is aiming.


​Defined as aligning with the Lab's commission to take risks, test the untested, prove the unproven, equip the unequipped, and advance the things that cannot advance without special attention and intentionality.

Ready to Work Together?

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